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NDP Candidate Kings South, 2015 Provincial Election

NDP Candidate, Kings Hants, 2019 Federal Election

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The Liberals said it would create a watchdog to investigate the overseas activities of Canadian companies, but it later scaled back those plans following an “onslaught of mining industry lobbying that got them to change their minds.” https://t.co/7MieeHssCm

The petition also calls for a cap on bank CEOs’ salaries, and for independent audits of banks’ books to see how much profit they charge in each section of their business ― a move consumer advocates say would expose “gouging” where it exists. https://t.co/JaFvXIohQ3

New Democrats are questioning the Trudeau government’s commitment to universal pharmacare after Liberal MPs helped torpedo an NDP MP’s private member’s bill to establish a legal framework for the national program. https://t.co/CI3UkEi50o

Evidence is continuing to emerge that Ottawa repeatedly turned down domestic offers for vaccine production. https://t.co/PZpMcvZImW

We need your help to make sure every Canadian has access to #pharmacare.

The federal vote on #BillC213 happens tomorrow so contact your MP today to tell them to vote yes.

Watch this video for all the reasons why we need to make this happen.

#cdnpoli #onpoli #osstf #etfo #cupe https://t.co/9zElDitDmr https://t.co/iOrqxPjv7W

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has ordered the government to compensate children and families who had been denied service, or faced delays. The Lib Govt announced it would seek a judicial review of the decision. Enough said. https://t.co/h5nI0eGEm7