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Had the NDP's plan for affordable housing at Bloomfield gone ahead, there would be 191 affordable apartments for rent in the centre of the city now. Instead, we have a housing crisis thanks to Liberal inaction and landlords' greed: #nspoli

2020 was the hottest year ever recorded - NASA.
The last 6 years have all been the hottest on record.
We’re in a climate emergency and the changes needed are still nowhere in sight. The only ones who can change that are us.
Spread awareness. Be the change.

NDP leader @theJagmeetSingh speaking outside of St. George Care Community calling for an end to for-profit LTC @680NEWS @CityNews

@LindaMcQuaig One concern is the impact on labour, the biggest cost driver in LTC homes.

Unions representing LTC workers charge that for-profit homes generally pay very low wages and offer mostly part-time and casual work. #canlab #CUPE @NS_Labour

Today we launch #Ed4All, a coalition campaign calling for a more affordable, accessible, high-quality and publicly-funded post-secondary education system. Register now to join the conversation at 1 p.m. @CFSFCEE @cupenat @psac_afpc