Political Candidate

NDP Candidate Kings South, 2015 Provincial Election

NDP Candidate, Kings Hants, 2019 Federal Election

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Tell the Catholic Church to release residential school records and apologize https://t.co/3DqKMAYnSY

It's Time for Permanent Rent Control in Nova Scotia https://t.co/4IOCjDf5PJ

Ban Evictions During COVID-19 State of Emergency https://t.co/FpS4yXxO7U

Demand that Justin Trudeau end all legal actions against Indigenous kids - sign here 👇🏽


(1) NDP calls for federal COVID-19 wage subsidy clawbacks, but critics question feasibility - National | https://t.co/8gBJJZpG4c https://t.co/ZX9RhHYqSq