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Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Violi Desmond...Given the racist white supremacist U.S. president prefers to keep an equally racist president (Andrew Jackson) on the $20 bill, I am even more proud that Canadians have embraced the new $10 in this country!
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honor sachs @drhonor
If anybody out there is writing a manifesto on the importance of #history and the #humanities right now, here is your cover.

Atlantic Canada is seeing the dramatic effects of climate change due to rising ocean temperatures and it's going to get worse without immediate intervention, says a senior climatologist with Environment Canada. #GreenNewDeal

Vulnerable Seniors are Getting Cut Off of Their Pensions: Canada's NDP

Over 500 regional councils around the world have declared climate emergency.
As well as 2 nations.
Who’s next? #ClimateBreakdown #EcologicalBreakdown

The Senate committee just voted to kill the North coast tanker bill reversing the decision made by the elected House of Commons.

Unelected, unaccountable & heavily lobbied Senators have for the first time, in recorded memory, defeated a government bill.

Here is how much @liberal_party cares about the environment! They couldn't muster a single MP to join @cathmckenna @ec_minister for the start of her "important" speech on their vacuous motion on the env and climate change crisis we face. #cdnpoli @NDP NdpStephen photo